For sound enthusiasts of the railways of Victoria, Australia...

                                                                                                                       Last updated:  June 8, 2018

DCCSound offers authentic sound projects, made in Australia, to suit ESU LokSound V4 decoders. 

Access to an ESU LokProgrammer is required. Simply read out the serial number from your decoder using the LokProgrammer and we can email the desired sound project for downloading to your model!

New DERM recordings!

DERMPAV ( operates 58 RM on tour services out of Newport workshops. Our brand new DERM sound project will feature the following recordings from 58 RM taken in 2018:

RVB Hurricane 3 chime horns (specific DERM valve)

Twin GM 6-71 diesel engines

Series to parallel electric transition throttle control

Agile Sound Flow sound schedule for fast sound response

Latest Full Throttle features including Drive-hold and active brake

Passenger door opening & closure

Guard's whistle

Flange squeal

Brake release and set

Brake graunch

Coupler slap and airlines

Headlight switches (main, dim)

GE air compressor

Windscreen wiper


Sound project available Q3, 2018.

Steam Era Models VR RT with sound!

ESU 56899 LokSound V4.0 Micro decoder with 50321 11x15mm sugarcube speaker and stay-alive circuit all mounted in the cab.

V/Line Sprinter

Recorded over two sessions from 7009 & 7013 in 2016, DCCSound is pleased to announce the release of our latest sound project. 


  • First DCCSound project to use "Full Throttle" features, and our most sophisticated project to date
  • Agile Sound Flow (ASF) - faster responding sound to DCC cab inputs
  • Twin Deutz  BF8L513C diesel prime movers (recorded from 7009)
  • Cold start + hot start engine sequencing
  • Sprinter specific sound control to best emulate the prototype's drive system: 5 notches, with idle-up for air charging, accurate coasting simulation
  • Randomised air compressor actuation and pressure relief sounds
  • Physical brake control, with Sprinter air brake release sound
  • Low note, high note and mixed note vari-length Sprinter horns
  • Scharfenberg automatic coupler engagement and release
  • Door closure air sounds including guard's whistle & driver announcement

  • VLP Train Protection & Warning System (TPWS) alert tone as well as in-cab audible radio check
  • Curve squeal (speed sensitive)
  • Headlight/marker lights and separate interior lighting control
  • The On Track Models Sprinter model has been designed to accommodate an ESU LokSound V4.0 21-pin decoder and ESU 50321 11x15mm sugarcube speaker.
  • The CVs that control the motor have been specifically calibrated around a sample Sprinter model from OTM, for best low speed motor performance