For sound enthusiasts of the railways of Victoria, Australia...

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DCCSound offers authentic sound projects, made in Australia, to suit ESU's LokSound decoders. You can BYO decoder or purchase decoders direct from us. Please browse through our library of Sound decoders and see what we have to offer. 

Steam Era Models VR RT with sound!

Optimise that sound!

A new release from ESU. These will suit Australian hood style or full width carbody models. Although small, the sugarcubes can deliver superior sound with the right enclosure design. They don't necessarily replace conventional speakers, but they are an additional option. The enclosures need to be assembled with glue, such as a medium CA.

The minimum height is 6mm and can can be increased to 8 mm, 9 mm, 10 mm, 11 mm or 13 mm by fitting up to three intermediate rings. There are two intermediate rings with 2 mm and a ring with 3 mm height included. The higher the sound capsule, the better the bass response.

50340 Loudspeaker set, Dual 11x15mm, Modular Sound Capsule Set for 28mm, 20x40mm, 16x35mm. 

50341 Loudspeaker set, Single 11x15mm, Modular sound capsule set for 20mm, 23mm, 16x25mm 

Available shortly from DCCSound

Auscision models A class
TrainOrama S & GM reruns...

21 pin plug DC board this run, change from the previous 8 pin arrangement. DCCSound recommends ESU's premium LokSound V4 21-MTC and speaker to suit. Recordings from A66...

Trainorama re-run of GM & S class models

Above image courtesy

More Full Throttle sound projects... 48/830 class now available!

Above image Copyright James Brook

ALCO 6-251B recorded while loaded, pushing a rake of loaded grain hoppers right here in Australia!

RVB 5 chime horns or WABCo 2 chime horns - the latter as NSWGR & SAR separate recordings

Updated project with Agile Sound Flow (ASF) plus Full Throttle features.

45 class - now available with Full Throttle + new 45 class horns!

Remastered in 2017 with faster responding sound flow, Full Throttle features plus new 45 class horns from 45s1.

Remastered NR class project with Full Throttle now available!

F0   Directional headlight
F1   7FDL-16 prime mover start-up & shutdown
F2   Long horn (NR 5 chime)
F3   Coupler crash, airline release and recouple
F4   GE dynamic brake fans
F5   Drive hold (FT)
F6   Brake application (FT)
F7   Switching mode & NR shunting bell
F8   Air park brake application
F9   Short horn (NR 5 chime)
F10 Curve squeal
F11  Aux 1 lighting output
F12  Aux 2 lighting output
ESU's new Full-throttle feature allows the diesel modeler to easily simulate a loaded or empty train by using a single “Drive Hold” function key. When F5 is pressed, the motor will remain at that speed, while the sound can be controlled independently from the motion via the throttle!  This new feature gives the operator the ability to have the train crawl in notch 8 or coast at 80 kph. Then, by releasing the Drive Hold function button you simply go back to the pre-defined motor. The feature removes the need for two separate manual notching keys on your DCC cab (F5/F6). Now that F6 has become available for other tasks, we've developed and assigned a physical independent brake to it. So instead of using the speed dial to bring a train to a stop, F6 can now be used, as seen with the real prototype.

The NR project has been remastered in 2017 to include a new sound flow for faster throttle response, incorporation of Full Throttle features and will suit either Austrains (8 pin) or Auscision's (21 pin) models fitted with a V4 LokSound decoder.  If you have access to a LokProgrammer & a V4 decoder from DCCSound, we can email the updated NR project at no charge.

V/Line Sprinter - now available!

Recorded over two sessions from 7009 & 7013 in 2016, DCCSound is pleased to announce the release of our latest sound project. 


  • First DCCSound project to use "Full Throttle" features, and our most sophisticated project to date
  • Agile Sound Flow (ASF) - faster responding sound to DCC cab inputs
  • Twin Deutz  BF8L513C diesel prime movers (recorded from 7009)
  • Cold start + hot start engine sequencing
  • Sprinter specific sound control to best emulate the prototype's drive system: 5 notches, with idle-up for air charging, accurate coasting simulation
  • Randomised air compressor actuation and pressure relief sounds
  • Physical brake control, with Sprinter air brake release sound
  • Low note, high note and mixed note vari-length Sprinter horns
  • Scharfenberg automatic coupler engagement and release
  • Door closure air sounds including guard's whistle & driver announcement

  • VLP Train Protection & Warning System (TPWS) alert tone as well as in-cab audible radio check
  • Curve squeal (speed sensitive)
  • Headlight/marker lights and separate interior lighting control
  • The On Track Models Sprinter model has been designed to accommodate an ESU LokSound V4.0 21-pin decoder and ESU 50321 11x15mm sugarcube speaker.
  • The CVs that control the motor have been specifically calibrated around a sample Sprinter model from OTM, for best low speed motor performance

ESU LokSound 21-MTC decoder with ESU 11x15mm sugarcube speaker & postage within Australia


Rereleased: SRM V/Line V/locity

Remastered NSWGR 1200 / VR DRC project now available

The original DRC project was released in 2013. Since that time we've seen many new sound projects released with significant changes to the way sound is modelled. In 2017, the DRC project has been remastered with some new modelling methods and now incorporates the following:

  • Twin Cummins prime movers with unique air-start engine start-up; from DRC40
  • Agile Sound Flow™ - faster responding sound to DCC cab inputs
  • Full Throttle feature
  • Independent (physical) brake
  • Automatic radiator fans which activate under high engine load
  • Flange squeal
DCCSound can offer a no-cost update to your LokSound V4.0 decoder via email if you have access to an ESU LokProgrammer.

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